Lolita Vs Frankenstein


Sue Lyon, James Mason and Shelley Winters in LOLITA, 1962

In one of many “famous scenes” in LOLITA, when Sue Lyon’s gorgeous teen, a befuddled and smitten James Mason and a very jealous suburban mother are at a movie, they’re watching Peter Cushing and, most importantly, Christopher Lee as the classic monster, The Monster, in THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and fifteen years later, in 1977, the man who frightened Sue Lyon’s character warns her about THE END OF THE WORLD with Kirk Scott…


Chris Lee, Kirk Scott and Sue Lyon


Happy Birthday to You, Sue Lyon

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Happy Birthday 69 to Sue Lyon

July 10th, 69 years old, Happy Birthday to the most beautiful actress of… in our opinion… all time, SUE LYON, our girl, our lady, our starlet… if you’re out there, somewhere, reading, we hope this blog makes an impact… your work, ranging from the 60’s to the 70’s on cinema and television, sure made our lives better. cooler, more awesome…

Kiss Off Until 1,000 Hits Reached


We shall return, victorious!

The Sue Lyon Cage needs your help… Spread the word and let’s get the numbers up… So much work involved getting photos and info about the gorgeous actress, centering on her work for two full decades… We have done a lot so far and won’t continue until reaching and surpassing 1,000 hits… Let’s get it going, for there is more and more and more to come… We just don’t want to entertain within a vacuum… You’re the audience… And we simple need more of you to continue… Till then check out the many posts here already…

Fantasy Island: Credit Due

Picture 0

Name on Screen

Picture 1

The Honeybees Reunite

Two more from Sue Lyon’s appearence on the first season of FANTASY ISLAND as one of four former cheerleaders reuniting and then being stalked by a mysterious menace. First is Sue’s credit and then a shot of all four starlets also including Hilary Thompson, horror icon Pamela Franklin and future KNOTS LANDING actress Michelle Lee.

1-5 Smash-up: Lyon & Jones 3 of 3


Sue Lyon with Tommy Lee Jones

Sue Lyon as a biker chick, and Tommy Lee Jones as a rookie cop, appearing in one scene in the TV movie of the week, SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5. Also stars Robert Conrad as Tommy’s boss. The year was 1976, when movies on television reigned supreme; before video stores were on every corner.

Fantasy Island: Lee & Lyon

Picture 35

Michelle Lee & Sue Lyon on FANTASY ISLAND

Michelle Lee would soon be connected to a nighttime soap called KNOTS LANDING, a suburban spin-off from DALLAS, the latter which premiered the same year as this 1978 episode from the first season of FANTASY ISLAND in which Lee, Sue Lyon, Hilary Thompson & Pamela Franklin play former cheerleaders being stalked by a mysterious killer… Here we’re skipping ahead to the farewell shot showing two pretty actresses, one about to catapult a career and the other ready to end it…

Towing Sue Lyon


Sue Lyon


He’s not doing what it looks like he’s doing

In one of the most  obscure and impossible to locate television movies ever… or at least of the ones featuring Sue Lyon… TOWING, about barmaids trying to stop car thieves using tow trucks, is on top of that list… Thankfully we got a few captures of one promotional scene where the camera pans forward on Sue and her boyfriend rested on her lap, both listening to jazzy elevator music… Hopefully, in the future, we can find more captures, and the movie itself…


Sue Lyon plays Lynn in TOWING