Astral Factor One: Psychobath

Picture 14

Bathtub Demise

Picture 1

Astral Villian

Before an appearance on FANTASY ISLAND and an extremely hard-to-find TV movie (still searching for TOWING), Sue Lyon appeared in the beginning of the 1978 supernatural crime-thriller THE ASTRAL FACTOR as Darlene DeLong, a Hollywood star taken out (the hard way) by a man who, studying supernatural powers in his jail cell, successfully renders himself invisible after his eyes light up… And right off the bat, the starlet buys the farm in a bathtub, making this a play on the PSYCHO legacy: proving that cleanliness is next to Godliness… As Darlene will be there soon, or not! Note: This extremely low-budget vehicle is available to stream on Amazon, and was parodied by Mystery Science Theater creator Joel Hodgson on his Cinematic Titanic show… Anyone know if there were LOLITA references, please leave a comment…


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