I-5 Smash-Up: Lyon Highway




Lyon’s Share of Credit

THE 1976 Movie of the Week, SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5, is about just that… kind of…  Mostly we experience various stories of all the victims, fatal or otherwise, 24 hours before the pile-up on the infamously busy California highway, including Sue Lyon as a biker chick who winds up instigating a possible rape to a newly single older woman, Vera Miles… And those pictures are coming, one day, along with discussion of the plot-line to backup the Lyon pics… But Let’s get the I-5 ball rolling with Sue’s name in the credits, and the first time we see her, sitting behind her boyfriend and getting bug in her teeth, the American way… And this isn’t the first time Sue’s been on a bike… In future posts we’ll catch her riding with George Hamilton in EVEL KNIEVEL and by herself in TAROT… Stay tuned…


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