Night Iguana Four: Happy Days

Picture 1

Sue Lyon with Greyson Hall

Picture 3


Grayson Hall won a best supporting Oscar for her performance as the uptight Judith Fellowes in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA…. She has a constant tight eye on the SUE LYON character, Charlotte Goodall, attempting to keep her safe and sound from the boozing Richard Burton’s Rev. Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon… Here Judith leads the busload of elderly church ladies who are all taking a trip to Mexico with the Reverend as their guide, in singing “Happy Days Are Here Again,” which, if you look at Charlotte’s expression, is not the case…


2 thoughts on “Night Iguana Four: Happy Days

  1. Julia Turukina says:

    Thank you for this blog! I have the episode of Fantasy Island with Sue, episode of The Virginian, episode of Loretta Young show and film Tarot. If you want, I can send this videos on your email


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