Fantasy Island: Pour Me

Picture 18

Sue Lyon & Pamela Franklin on FANTASY ISLAND

By 1978, both Sue Lyon and Pamela Frankliln had careers that were nearing an end. A shame since the former teen starlets were still beautiful and talented, each having appeared in an eclectic mix of cult and mainstream flicks and TV shows since the 1960’s. Franklin, a British actress, made ground in projects ranging from FLIPPER to cinematic ventures such as NECROMANCY, LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE and FOOD OF THE GODS. While Lyon fed on even more genuinely obscure exploitation flicks in the disco era. And it’s nice seeing Pam and Sue playing former cheerleaders on FANTASY ISLAND from the first season… As a nightmarish stalker-threat mounts, for some reason, Franklin is all smiles, while Lyon’s character simply needs a drink… So here’s to both of you!


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